Do you love making patchwork quilts?

Have you ever found yourself on your hands and knees trying to pin together the layers as evenly as possible on the floor? Or maybe spread your quilt layers over the dining table, with the excess draping over the edges?
Then when you’ve finally got the whole thing pinned and tacked, you have the challenge of rolling and unrolling, tugging and pulling to get the bulk of the quilt through the narrow aperture of your sewing machine? And even then, you probably only did a fairly simple quilt pattern because it was all so hard?

Sound familiar? We remember it well (see our Historic Gallery).

When we started Runny Babbits we realised the way forward was to invest in a longarm quilting machine! And now we can save you a whole lot of hassle by offering our quilting service to you, helping you to turn your finished quilt into a work of art.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who likes to hand quilt, or you just love making the patchwork but hate struggling to quilt your finished piece, we can help. We offer a basting service that prepares the quilt for you to then hand quilt, and when you remove the tacking its still all your own work! Or we can do the quilting by machine for you. We have lots of standard edge-to-edge and block patterns, and we can even create a quilting pattern especially for you if that’s what you want. The choice is yours.

If you would like to get some idea of what this service costs please visit our Longarm Quilting Price Guide, and if you’d like to know more about what’s involved please read what you need to do to Prepare Your Quilt.

You can see a few examples of our work for various clients below by scrolling down.


Ideally we like you to make an appointment to visit us with your quilt for a consultation. It’s free and there’s no obligation!

There’s nothing like a face to face discussion; and we can show you quilting samplers demonstrating lots of patterns, available threads, etc.

Call Michèle on 07749 326197 for more information or to make an appointment.

Customer quilt being quilted

A beautiful pastel customer quilt after being quilted with edge-to-edge Baptist Fan

Customer quilt being quilted

And here it is being quilted

Customer Quilt with Baptist fan stitching

Another gorgeous customer quilt in Janet Claire fabric, such a beautiful design, finished off by quilting with Baptist Fan design



Customer wall quilt being quilted with curls and swirls pattern

A customer wall quilt being quilted with Curls & Swirls pattern


Customer quilt being quilted

Customer quilt being quilted

Detail of quilt pattern

Detail of quilt pattern on thick wadding

A lovely colourful quilt being quilted with popular baptist fan design

A lovely colourful quilt being quilted with popular Baptist Fan design


Customer quilt being quilted

A customer quilt after quilting

Customer quilt being quilted

A customer log cabin quilt being quilted

Quilting pattern samplers

We can show you a range of quilting pattern samplers

Customer quilt being quilted

A customer quilt being quilted


A customer quilt hanging at exhibition


Completed customer quilt draped over frame


Reverse showing butterfly border, stitch-in-the-ditch division and centre with butterfly pattern before binding was hand finished



A customer’s ‘Woolley’ quilt with fleece backing creating an interesting effect on the back



Example of quilting at

Detail of a custom quilted quilt

Example of quilting at Runny Babbits

Detail of a custom quilted quilt



Simple but elegant heart border


Free-motion quilt naive flower quilt pattern



A program rose quilt pattern with free-motion infill


A ‘Scribble’ free-motion quilt pattern picks up on the scribble pattern in one of the fabrics