One of our quilts makes an unusual and very special gift for a baby; whether it be a baby shower, birthday, christening or some other special occasion.
Not only are you giving a practical gift, but it’s unique and can become a treasured heirloom.
The sheer variety of colours and designs can make it a very personal choice from you to baby.

While it is not recommended to use a quilt for the baby to sleep in until it is able to sit up independently or until around 1 year old (because of fears over the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), the quilt can be used for cuddle time and for laying on for that all too short time.
We make smaller lined patchwork blankets that can be used from birth and many are available to match a particular quilt.
The blanket can be used as a travel blanket when the quilt becomes the babies’ bedding.