Arctic Ice Queen Rabbit


Truly queen of the enchanted forest, with her beautiful, big blue eyes and fluffy grey ears is our Arctic Ice Queen.

In her flowing white ensemble she has an etherial quality about her. The silver bodice of her dress features a white lace, butterfly motif with hand-sewn bead adornments and is buttoned at the back. The graceful, layered skirt is made from tattered-edge chiffon, and is delicately sprinkled with tiny, hand-sewn silver star sequins, and just a few larger silver star sequins.

Her glittering tiara has a mix of tiny and larger sequin stars and beads, and a little, frayed-edged, chiffon veil at the back.  To protect her from the forest chill, her shoulders are cloaked in a little, white, fur cape with sparkling stays and white ribbon ties. Her adorable silver-glitter ballet shoes are laced with white, satin-edged organza ribbon and tied with a big, knee-high bow on each leg.  To complete her enchanting outfit she is wearing long silver gloves. Our Ice Queen is a large rabbit measuring approx. 75cm from the tip of her ears to the tip of her ballet shoes.

From her star spangled tiara to the tip of her glittering ballet shoes, she is every inch a queen.



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Materials: This product is made from multiple materials: Body- polyester fleece, wool felt, polyester toy filling, synthetic fur fabric, cotton embroidered label. Clothing – wool glitter felt, polyester chiffon, silver glitter fabric, white synthetic lace, glass and/or plastic beads and sequins, satin ribbon, satin-edged organza ribbon, synthetic fur fabric, plastic buttons, cotton lining.

Height: Approx 75cm (From top tip of ears to tip of toes).


Additional information


Decorative use only. Keep out of the reach of babies and small children. Choke hazard. Keep away from fire and naked flames.

Washing Instructions

This product is not washable. Delicately sponge away any marks with water and a mild detergent.