Is a quilt or a blanket best for your baby?

At Runny Babbits we produce both patchwork quilts and patchwork blankets. Which one is best for your baby?

The answer is, it’s a matter of age…

It is true that people have been using quilts as baby bedding for centuries. Today’s thinking is not to use a quilt (i.e., one with two layers of fabric with a sandwich of wadding in between) for babies under a year old or until after the baby can sit up unaided. This is because of the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in a small number of babies. It is therefore ALWAYS advisable to err on the safe side, and we would urge you to follow these guidelines.

For younger babies we produce cotton patchwork blankets, sometimes referred to as coverlets. These have a 100% cotton patchwork top and are lined with a warmer layer (usually fleece or super soft minky fabric) but have no inner layer. They still have that lovely patchwork look without the thickness created by the inner layer of wadding or batting.

Most of our quilts and blankets are one-off, unique designs, and even where they form part of our standard range they all vary due to their hand-made nature. We often produce a matching blanket and quilt. The idea being that if you purchase both, once your baby is old enough to use the quilt for bedding the blanket can be used for naps and travel, etc. The quilts and blankets are sold separately, so you are able to purchase either without the other. This means that sometimes the matching item may already have been sold. It is sometimes possible to have another matching item made, depending on the availability of the fabric. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also produce matching or co-ordinating nursery cushions and other items in similar fabrics to complete your nursery.

Runny Babbits quits and blankets

Note: On our website we have a page dedicated to Baby Bedding Recommendations with a link to the The Lullaby Trust

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