‘Happy Days’ Blue Quilt


Our Happy Days blue cot quilt is made of plain solid-colour cotton, with scene ‘friezes’ quilted across*. Each Happy Days quilt one is different, although they share similar themes. The naive quilt patterns are reminiscent of children’s drawings.

This particular quilt has family scenes, tree-lined avenues with cars and traffic lights, street scenes and trains quilted in a matching blue thread on a blue ground with subtle effect, and has a delicate white-on-blue print on the reverse. The quilt is edge bound in a blue gingham cotton. A modern twist on a traditional quilt!

This would make a very special gift for baby’s first birthday!
* Soft toy/s not included.



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Technical: 100% Cotton patchwork pieced upper, backing and binding. This quilt features finest quality 100% Cotton ‘Hobbs Heirloom’ batting (wadding).

Note: This quilt is not pre-washed so the traditional ‘puckered’ effect will appear when the quilt is first washed.

Size (Approx.): 134 x 95 cm (52.5 x 37.5 inches)

Additional information

Dimensions (Approx.)

Approx. 134 x 95 cm (52.5 x 37.5 inches)

Washing Instructions

30C wash cycle. Full washing instructions will be sent with this order.

Baby Bedding Recommendations

Quilts are not recommended as bedding for babies under 1 year old, but they can be used for cuddle time and as play mats until the child is over 1. Keep bedding away from fire and naked flames.