A car themed nursery scheme

Our ‘Driving in My Car’ quilt forms the basis of this scheme. We’ve created this car themed nursery mood board, featuring a pale and a darker blue.  To add character and interest to the room we looked for wall treatments. We found three options that we thought would be of merit. The first is a fabulous, water-colour effect, dark blue wallpaper with shiny silver stars. It could be used to create a darker, moodier look on one wall. The next is a naive, automotive wallpaper, with a white ground, adding some other colours. It would be especially good to brighten up a dark room. Finally, the last wallpaper is a printed roadmap wallpaper (made to order). It would certainly add heaps of character to the room, while remaining relevant to an older toddler.

We fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous, large toy car from the whitecompany.com. It would surely become one of your child’s most treasured toys in time. It’s funny how these toys actually look better as they age! Add these transport themed storage baskets we found via Pinterest on Etsy.com to enhance the theme.

Rather than the usual, boring white nursery furniture we suggest using repurposed painted furniture. It adds interest and contrast to the room. The drawers could be used as a changer while the baby is small by adding a changing pad, yet remain useful as drawers way into the future. Furthermore, this navy wardrobe would be equally relevant to a toddler and young child. In conclusion, the investment would be long lasting.

The traffic light lamp was an inspired find.  But note – Keep it well out of baby’s reach! Car themed nursery prints and a gorgeous, car mobile add the finishing touches, keeping with the automotive theme.

We currently have nursery cushions and bunting to co-ordinate with the Driving My Car quilt. (If you can’t find them on our website, get in touch and we may be able to make some for you).

Finally, and we know it’s not decor, but we couldn’t resist these charming dungarees from Next.com. They’d be the perfect outfit for a little child, fascinated by cars.

A Car themed Nursery Scheme

We are always creating new quilts and blankets. We’ll be posting more nursery scheme mood boards based on our new designs over time, so keep an eye out.
If you’re looking for ideas on themed nurseries we give a few tips here.

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